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3 occasions when you could wear ribbon in your hair

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on 3 occasions when you could wear ribbon in your hair

Many women do not even think they can customise their hairstyles with ribbon for transforming a simple hairdo into a stylish one. They usually use only hair pins and other similar accessories, but they totally ignore this simple item. The amazing thing about ribbons is that they came in so many colours, patterns and combinations that they can be used to make wonderful hair accessories; women only should take a look at some online guides to see how they can wear tartan ribbon. In case you want to experiment this look, here are three occasions when you will totally blow people’s minds if you accessorise your hair with ribbons.

At your birthday party

Your birthday party is one of the occasions when you are the centre of attention, and you should wear the most beautiful dress and style your hair in a special way. So, you can pull your hear in a ballerina bun and accessorise it with a ribbon bow in a colour which will complement your dress. In case you want to let your hair loose, you can wear it half-up, half down, and tie the upper part with a piece of polka dotted ribbon. In this way you will obtain a feminine look.

As a bridesmaid

It is said that the look of the bridesmaids should complement the one of the bride, so if you are going to be one, you should take into consideration wearing ribbon in your hair. The bride would wear the veil so you should wear something which will suggest the guests that you are the maid of honour. You can style your hair into a fishtail and braid a ribbon in a nude tone through it, or you can inspire from Brigitte Bardot hair style and tie a ribbon bow in the upper part of your hair.

At your wedding

If you are a modern bride then you will definitely take into consideration replacing the classic veil with a more modern accessory, so you can use a ribbon. In case you want to style your hair on an updo, you can personalise it with a little sheer ribbon bow in the back, or tie it around it. If you want to wear your hair into a braid around your head, you can insert the ribbon in your hair, and braid it alongside with your hair. Also, for a boho look, you canwear a flower crown and tie it on the back with a white ribbon bow.


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