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Collagen induction therapy – are there any benefits?

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Collagen induction therapy – are there any benefits?

Nowadays, there are numerous beauty treatments that are supposed to bring back that juvenile and spotless look on the face of those who reached a certain age or suffered from certain traumas that affected not only their look, but also their lives. The most popular example in the latter case is scars that occurred due to adult acne, surgeries or sports injuries and one of the most popular ways to get rid of those bothersome dis disfigurements is through collagen induction therapy Toronto. Here are the most important benefits that come with this form of treatment.

It can reduce scars

One of the greatest things this type of treatment can do is to reduce scars that have occurred on some of the most visible parts of the body – the face or the hands. It is generally agreed that scars add a non-aesthetical value to one’s look and in many cases they are so disturbing that they cannot be hidden not even with professional makeup products. In such situations, it is best to resort to the professional services of a beauty clinic that knows exactly what type of treatment would best suit your needs.

It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Besides the fact that it helps improves scars, collagen induction therapy is also a great way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines that usually occur with age. The main cause for their appearance is the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, so through the micro-needling process, the skin is stimulated to start producing collagen and elastin again, which eventually leads to reduced wrinkles and fine lines. This method helps people who are in their 40s or even older have a younger aspect and even increase the level of self-confidence. What is more, it is a great way to prevent signs of aging, which means that even people who are in their 30s for instance can resort to it, not to mention the fact that you will not be able to obtain the same results using home treatments for example. Nevertheless, it is best to discuss about this aspect with a specialist first to see whether it is necessary to start this treatment or not.

It can reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are quite similar to scars, with the exception that they have a different cause of appearance – rapid skin stretching. What makes them so “special” is that they are extremely difficult to treat and not many cosmetic treatments have proved to be successful with reducing them. Believe it or not, collagen induction therapy has actually proved to be quite effective and has brought huge improvements to the skin, but in order for this to happen, one may have to undergo several treatment sessions.

All in all, these are some of the benefits that collagen induction therapy brings about, so in case you are interested in this type of treatment, you should waste no more time and start a detailed research to look for the best beauty clinic in your region that provides this sort of services.


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