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Cosmetology trends you should definitely know about

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Cosmetology trends you should definitely know about


When it comes to beauty, trends are quite dynamic. And since the spring is just around the corner, you should definitely educate yourself in terms of beauty trends. Whether we are talking nails or lips, everything is different from what we used to think and we will be presenting some of the most different trends in the following paragraphs.

Give your hair a gloss treatment

If you are interested in how you can do yourself such treatments, then you should definitely start by searching a cosmetology school near me and enrol in a hair care and hairstyle course. Obviously, these courses will teach you how to apply a gloss treatment to your hair. These treatments protect the hair and make it look glossier, healthier and these are the perfect replacement for the ineffective conditioners, shampoos and hair oils that you have been using your entire life. This technique is a demi-permanent treatment that must be applied with a frequency of four weeks and that usually costs plenty of money. The great part is, if you learn how to manage this at home, you will certainly save impressive amounts of money. But keep in mind that glossy hair is going to be the defining trend of 2018.

Accent nails

In terms of nails, you can start considering from now some accent lines on your nude nails. Vertical or horizontal black lines on nude nails are a big thing this year and they will certainly draw the attention to your rather amazing hands that you learned how to care for in your nail and beauty classes that you took. Don’t forget that the shape and size of your nails usually influence how you are perceived by others. Short, nude nails will certainly make others see you as an open and jolly individual that is not afraid of some activity in their life. However, make sure to include such details, no matter how small in the design of your nails.

Glossy lips

You can notice a trend, don’t you? Glossy lips are going to be a big thing this year, and you can notice it in hair and now in lips. Forget about dark lip colours, you will only need a see-through lip-gloss with a nice shimmer in it. If you truly loved the ‘90s beauty trends, you will certainly love this one, as lip-gloss is making its way back in our beauty bags. Notorious brands already launched theirs, and you can find these items at Sephora and target at affordable prices. Only make sure to search with one with some nourishing components, as chapped lips are to avoid.

These are three trends you must take into account this spring because they are going to be so big. However, if you want to become accustomed to various trends, we encourage you to attend some beauty courses. These are so great because they will teach you how to become more beautiful, trendy, and even make some generous money, if you consider starting your own business.



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