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Essential boots that every woman should own

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Essential boots that every woman should own


Since temperatures are dropping, it is never too early to start shoe shopping. Even if the weather is harsh, this is not an excuse to look colorless. Shoes have the ability of transforming any outfit and this is why you need to have the perfect ones for the cold season. The right pair of boots, for instance, will transform your outfit into a dream one. The only problem is that there are so many types of shoes on the market that choosing the right pair is difficult. If you want to start a collection, then you probably need some help. In addition to a pair of Miz Mooz boots, you should own the following footwear. They are great for the autumn and the spring.

An ankle-length boot

This pair of shoes is not only a must-have item, but also a fashion statement. You have the possibility of wearing a pair of ankle boots with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, practically anything that you want. Even though you may feel that these shoes cut off the legs, you can still make your outfit stand out if you know how to wear them. Ankle shoes provide you with a sense of femininity and they are the only ones that you can wear to the office and not look out of place.

Knee-high boots

The number one must-have for the cold winter is the knee-high boot. These tall shoes guarantee you a chic and polished look in the cold days and the good news is that they are available in numerous silhouettes. In addition to this, you have the chance of choosing from different heel options like low heel, stacked, wedged and even stiletto. Since the shoes are extremely comfortable, you can wear them over leggings or skinny jeans. When making your purchase, make sure to select something that fits the leg.

Cowboy boots

Now cowboy boots can be found on almost every shoe rack of the mall. If you really want to copy the Western look, then you should pair these shoes with shorts and tight denims. Women with sporty figures can carry this look off especially well and they can think about pairing the footwear with a dress as well. The beauty of Western shoes is that they create a stylish outfit in an instant. However, this look is only for the brave ones who love bold colors and patterns.



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