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Everything You Need to Know about Semi Permanent Nail Polish

Posted by Hannah Burrows Comments Off on Everything You Need to Know about Semi Permanent Nail Polish

Gel nails and other types of nail extensions have been very popular for a while now. However, in the last few months their popularity decreased dramatically. This happened due to the fact that the latest fashion trends promote natural beauty before anything else. The fact is that no matter how well they are made, fake nails have a unnatural look, mainly given by their thickness. This being said, a lot of women took of their nail extensions and started looking for alternatives solutions to a long lasting manicure. One of the best solutions for a perfect manicure which last a long time is the semi permanent nail polish.


Although it is called semi permanent nail polish, this manicure solution is not exactly polish, but a mixture between polish and gel. The great thing about it is that unlike gel or acrylics, it does not damage the nail in any way. On the contrary, this nail polish strengthens the nails and prevents cracks, peals and tears. Furthermore, compared to classic nail polish, it is a lot shinier and lasts a long time (about 14 days). It is also a lot cheaper than gel or acrylics and it takes less time to apply. In fact, it can be applied in 30 seconds and it dries in a couple of minutes.


The disadvantages of semi permanent nail polish are a bit relative. Some women complained that after a few days, they notices some thin cracks. Although the cracks were not very obvious, they definitely ruined the overall perfect manicure concept. Like it goes with all beauty products, it is all about quality. There are numerous brands which offer semi permanent nail polishes. Some of these brands are better than the others. Buying a cheap nail polish will result in a less than durable manicure. Another disadvantage of the semi permanent nail polish is the fact that it requires special tools in order to be applied and wiped off. Therefore, if you plan on going on a longer vacation and you suffer a manicure accident, you won’t be able to fix it by yourself unless you brought the proper tools with you.

Salon manicure or DIY manicure

A lot of women who prefer semi permanent polish get their nails done at the salon. The fact is that such a manicure is relatively cheap, so going to the salon can be a pleasant experience without digging a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, with the proper tools and instructions, this manicure can be done at home. In order to do this, you will need semi permanent polishes, special base and top coats and a UV lamp. Yes, this type of nail polish requires a UV lamp in order to dry. As far as removal goes, it takes about 10 minutes for this polish to soak off. We found the acetone and aluminum foil method to be very useful in removing semi permanent polish. Simply soak a cotton ball with acetone, wrap it around the nail and the wrap the finger in aluminum foil and leave it on for 10 minutes.


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