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Express The Artist In You With The Sretsis Collection

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Express The Artist In You With The Sretsis Collection

If you enjoy the artsy side of fashion and long for fashion pieces that speak to your soul, then Sretsis is the right designer label for you. Known for their unconventional fun and fresh expressive pieces, Sretsis breathes art into all their fashion pieces. Here are some of the fashion pieces from the collection that you should definitely try out for yourself:

Magic Rhythm Bomber Jacket

Unconventional yet beautiful, this musical note laced jacket brings out the best in your outfits with it’s white paneling and front and back music note details. Pair it with a turtleneck top or a simple top to best draw out the focus to the design. Comfortable, special and delightful, this bomber jacket is the best option to express your musical soul.

Magic Melody Skirt

The Magic Melody Skirt is one of the most popular pieces in the Sretsis dress collection. Coming with a full layered ruffle trim for texture and music notes to outline it, the Magic Melody Skirt is fun, artistic, unconventional, feminine and sweet for anyone who wishes to purchase it. It accentuates the user’s femininity and uniqueness, especially when paired with heels and a blouse. If you are looking for something that is both artistic and beautiful, the Magic Melody Skirt is ideal for you.

Thunder Heart Sunglasses

Artistic in more ways than one, the Thunder Heart sunglasses are delightful and beautiful to boot. The gradient lensed sunglasses make use of colourful mirrored designs to cast their magical effects. Ethereal and special, they come adorned with swooping lightning bolt designs for a sleek look. The Thunder heart sunglasses can be paired with all your outfits and the ideal go to accessory when out having fun in the sun. Attain both style and grace effortlessly with the Thunder Heart Sunglasses.

Raindrop Trench

The Raindrop trench is definitely one of the most unique in the Sretsis collection. Delicate and ethereal looking with it’s high shine material, the raindrop trench is made in a tan colour to place focus on it’s shine factor. Suitable when paired with everything, every movement causes the shine to shift most artfully. If you look closer, the Raindrop Trench is further beautified with a floral pattern against it’s material for elegant purposes. The Raindrop trench is definitely what you should consider purchasing if you are into elegant and stylish material.


The Dahlia dress would not look out of place at a cocktail party or on a pop star at the red carpet. If you are looking for a way to make a statement, the Dahlia dress is the best option for you. Created with mesh sleeves that feel velvet like in texture for maximum comfort, the Dahlia dress comes accompanied with frilly blue carnation embellishments that are striking yet beautifully blooming in the eyes of others.
Surround yourself with art inspired outfits today! Mix and match these interesting pieces to create your very own artistic appeal. Wear them out with confidence and class and revel in the compliments that are sure to come your way.



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