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Fashion and the polka dot ribbon: the perfect match

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Fashion and the polka dot ribbon: the perfect match

All women love fashion. It is much like a request, a personal duty. Women are born with this admiration for fashion designers and fashion in general. They are really taken by dresses, scarf, blouses, perfumes, handbags, really everything this world is made of. From time to time there comes that one element that completely changes the way you see fashion. There comes that moment in which you realize that it takes only one detail to change a simple outfit, That is when fashion becomes simple. The cute polka dot ribbon is the key to fashion. With this detail designers have really outdone themselves in so many occasions. So, as fashion lovers, maybe you should hear more about it, specifically about its power to change an outfit.

Powerful fashion accessories


In most occasion when talking about changes in fashion, usually the reference is made regarding dresses. However, fashion is not only about that. Fashion is about accessories as well and keep in mind that these have great power over outfits. The polka dot ribbon works perfectly with the summer hat, because it gives this simple accessory the glamour it has been searching for. At the same time, women wearing such hats will most certainly be adding a lot of femininity to their outfits.


Grey dresses become glamorous


Do you know what is truly funny? You can have a closet of simple dresses that would go unnoticed. If you take a polka dot ribbon and tie it around the waist, the dress instantly becomes amazing and great looking.  So instead of changing your entire closet only to have more sophisticated clothes you could invest in a polka dot ribbon collection.


Delicate, childish blouses


The polka dot ribbon really gives that outfit an interesting aspect. It really makes you look amazing, you seem delicate, but at the same time, you have sensuality in your outfit. It is an interesting combination used both fashion designers and women in their day-to-day style. If you happen to have a blouse, a simple one, you have not worn in a long time, here is a suggestion. Take a cute polka dot ribbon and sew it to your blouse. If you want that sensual look, then try to place it somewhere around the cleavage. If not, then anywhere would do. Usually, this detail looks great placed in one side, like a broche. Notice how your entire outfit changes, just because of this little item. Pretty impressive, right?


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