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Fashion statement pieces – Shoes

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Fashion statement pieces – Shoes

In terms of fashion and utility, it is not a question if you should or shouldn’t buy shoes. Shoes are mandatory and depending on them, you can create a unique style. Typically thought as a woman’s best friends, men also show a high interest in what they wear to protect their feet. It is a matter of style when it comes to choosing them and finding a large variety can help you easily decide what to go for. You can find a variety of womens shoes at Spartoo and if you want to make a fashion statement out of them, you must pay great attention to a variety of aspects. Your general style is the vector you should follow if you need some clues on how to pick comfortable yet fashionable shoes. However, below is a small guide on finding proper shoes for every style.

Short cut boots are versatile pieces

Appropriate for a variety of occasions and circumstances, short cut boots are the perfect pieces if you need to add a more masculine air to an outfit. They can help you make the transition from warm seasons and colder ones with success and they are also quite a comfortable piece. For a feminine look with a twist, try to match a pair of short cut military style boots with a long red skirt, a plain white tee and a leather jacket. Also appropriate for business outfits, you can match them with a pair of slacks and a straight cut office jacket. Of course, this type of boot is the go-to pair for the adepts of the grunge style. These boots can be worn by all women in a variety of combinations with success and they can help one to create a fashion statement out of them, depending on the rest of their outfit.

Platform oxford shoes can be worn with almost anything

Quite hunted by all stylish women, these types of shoes are both confortable as well as a fashion statement. Proper for the workplace or any kind of circumstance, they look absolutely great combined with a pair of ankle leather pants, a white tee and a black vest for a modern office outfit. For a more laid-back outfit, keep the leather pants and add an oversized black turtleneck and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Both bold and comfortable, a pair of shoes of this kind can make a regular outfit look stunning.

Over the knee boots to keep you warm in the winter

If there is a statement style of shoes this season, than it must be the over the knee. Perfect for remaining warm while wearing a short skirt or dress, you can complete every outfit with a pair of those. What celebrities seem to like a lot is wearing them with plain loose knitted dresses. An outfit of this kind is very easy to put together!

As you can see, certain types of shoes seem to go well with almost any outfit. Comfortable and fashionable, it is no wonder these three pieces have shortly become a fashion statement!


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