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Five watches worth your attention – If you are a watch lover

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Five watches worth your attention – If you are a watch lover

Watch lovers generally find great pleasure in shopping for new acquisitions, vintage pieces, and even the newest ones, and they find invigorating the act itself of wearing a new piece. However, at a certain point, their collections become clustered with out-of-fashion pieces. Well, when one comes to the conclusion that their collection needs a decluttering action, some choose to find a professional watch buyer, such as this Omega buyer, and make some space in their collections. Alternatively, some of these professional watch buyers also have some watches for sale, which makes them the perfect retailer, if you want an affordable piece to refresh your selection. But, below we have a list of 5 watches that are worth a watch lover’s attention.

1. The Omega Speedmaster Racing watch

Introduced in 1957, the Speedmaster range was created by Omega in order to satisfy the tastes of motor runners and drivers in general. The range is filled with amazing Chronograph-like pieces, and the design was inspired by the Italian racing cars. The Speedmaster gained the popularity of one of the preferred chronographs of buyers across the world.

2. The IWC Big Pilot

Since 2016 with a new appearance, the IWC Big Pilot Watch is continuing an amazing tradition of reputable calibration and speed-mounted rotor. With a 6 bars water resistant, 46-millimeter case, that protects the movement against magnetic fields, this amazing watch must make its way in all watch lovers across the world. So if you want to update your collection, invest in this amazing piece.

3. The Tag Heuer Carrera

This is a collection inspired by racing cars, a collection that remains classic and modern at the same time. Created in 1963, the watch is a tribute to the Carrera Pan-American auto race, considered to be one of the most dangerous out there. And the watch retains the excitement of this race, being one of the best chronographs currently manufacturers across the world. Recent models have a more elegant and classier air. This is a piece for all exciting gentlemen out there.

4. The Navitimer 1884 by Breitling

These watches are inspired by the aviation industry and it replicated with success modern versions of traditional pilot watches. This famous model from Breitling is an amazing circular watch is based on a Forties design, the 45 mm steel case model is perfect for the classy, yet modern gentleman. Invest in one to refresh your collection.

5. Rolex Submarine watches

With a robust and functional design, this is the perfect piece for those looking forward to creating a classy composition. Recent models come with a subtly modified Oyster case; it comes with large, luminescent hour marks. If you want to go classy, you must add this piece to your selection.

This is a top of five must-have watches, if you are a watch lover, of course. If you want to declutter, opt for a professional watch buyer, get your money fast, and invest in several new pieces for your collection.


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