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Fool-Proof Ways to Look Stylish Even at Work

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Fool-Proof Ways to Look Stylish Even at Work

Looking impeccable at work is a standard that many women want to maintain, regardless of the fact they work manual labour jobs or work corporate positions. Especially during those busy days, it’s incredibly difficult for many of us to maintain that standard, but fashion experts claim that some small yet effective measures might help us always look on the spot. From hair to nails and work wear, everything matters, so follow the advice below.

Nails, hair and skin

If you want to confidently walk into your workplace, even if the most difficult meeting or day is ahead, keep your skin flawless, and your nails and hair on spot. If your hair should be prepped daily and only washed every other day, your skin is telling more about you than you might like. Don’t pick at your pimples, regardless of how annoying those may be, invest in a high-quality moisturizer and sunscreen, and make sure to always invest in makeup products that suit your skin type and colour. There is nothing more unprofessional than a poorly-matched foundation, even if many do not realize this. Your colleagues, even males, observe such details and nuances, so better keep everything flawless, at all times. When it comes to your manicure, it depends on your job description and position on how you should wear those. If you work manual labour, better keep those clean and short; apply a thin layer of transparent lacquer, if you prefer your nails with a bit of shine. However, if your corporate job allows, you can paint your nails in bold, trendy colours.

Wear an outfit to inspire confidence

Corporate women surely have an array of classy and impeccable clothing articles to choose from. But if your job demands a uniform, you can always go for embroidered workwear and have your uniform with a twist. Make an effort and only pick articles in the right size.  If not, you might end up looking sloppy and generally bad. Choose the size of your skirts and dresses just above or below the knee, and always make sure to pick your shirts in the right size. Pick it too short and unappealing creases appear, choose it a tad too big and you end up looking sloppy and unprofessional. And whatever you choose to wear, do it with confidence. Your jeans should always be a dark-wash, as a light wash will inspire a more casual look. Avoid flare legged jeans. These look somehow unprofessional, compared to a pair of dark skinny jeans that work wonderfully with just about any type of shoe.


People will pay attention to other details as well; your accessories for instance. And even if you don’t work with a handbag nearby, you want to make your appearance with a classy piece. A scarf certainly impresses during those cold winter days; pick a blanket scarf for a maximum impact.

These pieces of advice will make you look flawless, classy and highly professional, regardless of your job description or circumstances. Keep those in mind next time when shopping for your workplace wardrobe.


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