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Get a new wardrobe, get a better outlook on life

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Get a new wardrobe, get a better outlook on life

As superficial as this might sound, dressing better will change your life, regardless of your gender. However, spending money on an eclectic wardrobe and hoping that this time it will look better, if far from being ideal. People, especially women due to their inclination to shop around, are very likely to choose various pieces that have few chances to work amazingly together or with pieces that they already have. In this case, a capsule wardrobe might sound like an amazing idea.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe formed by some “essential” pieces, which will be the anchors or central points of an increased number of outfits. To those essentials, you will have to add some other pieces that will help you create outstanding outfits throughout the seasons with little efforts, and as you will soon realize, expenses. For many, the problem with these types of wardrobes seems to be that they are somehow clueless in terms of selecting the essentials. This usually happens due to their compulsive shopping tendency. In these cases, the personal wardrobe and style consultants from advise starting with neutral colours for your pieces, and start from the true solid elements: a coat, a leather jacket and a pair or two of jeans. From this, you will be able to work your way around and create numerous outfits.

How will a capsule wardrobe change your outlook on life?

We mentioned in the beginning that a capsule wardrobe will certainly change your life for better. But how?

  • You’ll become less stressed. We all know the stress under which we are daily, when we must find a suitable outfit for the occasion. The amazing part about these types of wardrobes is that everything in those will be appropriate for the vast majority of the occasions that you’ll encounter.
  • Your closet will be more organized. A cramped closet filled with pieces which we no longer wear can cause plenty of stress. However, if you opt for a capsule wardrobe, you can forget about a disorganized closet, since the number of pieces you’ll have will be significantly reduced.
  • You’ll save plenty of money. With a wardrobe and lifestyle like this, you’ll come to a conclusion that you have more money. This will be noticeable in a relatively short time, because this philosophy is to encapsulate all the essentials that you need. You’ll stop compulsively spending money on new pieces and your account balance will become bearable to look at.
  • You’ll experience a confidence boost. A put-together outfit and the certainty that you look amazing regardless of the circumstances will certainly give you a confidence boost. Generally, people that opt for this type of wardrobe tend to invest in fewer pieces, but in ones that actually have an impressive quality.

If you still doubt that a capsule wardrobe will change your life for better, simply discuss with a style consultant and they will be able to offer you a better insight on the matter.


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