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Girly Halloween Costumes

Posted by Gemma Bradshaw Comments Off on Girly Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, girls prefer feminine outfits that will make them look pretty instead of scary costumes, especially if we are talking about girls who always want to look good. Therefore, the most popular girly costumes are those that impersonate princesses, glamorous celebrities or female characters with a sophisticated look. Here are some ideas of girly Halloween costumes for those of you who want to shine instead of scaring people on Halloween. The best thing about these costumes is that you don’t have to be near a costume shop. With patience, the right materials and a reliable sewing machine (see the best reviews on, anyone can have a gorgeous girly Halloween costume that turns heads.

The girl from Oz

The Dorothy from Wizard of Oz costume is a favorite girly costume that keeps being popular even today. The girly aspect is given by the white shirt with puffed sleeves and the short plaid jumpsuit skirt with a delicate lace ruffle at the edge. The Dorothy outfit could not be complete without the shiny red shoes and the two braided side tails with cute blue ribbons. Don’t forget about the small basket that holds Toto, the funny little dog that followed Dorothy on her journey to Oz.

Best Actress costume

This Best Actress Award costume is both feminine and elegant and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a girly Halloween costume. It features a long pink mermaid dress with white fingerless gloves and a white shawl around the shoulders. The look is completed by a pair of precious earrings and a necklace, a miniature Oscar statuette, and a glamorous hairstyle. Just remember to write your thanking speech before you step on the stage to collect your award.

Sexy Jasmine costume

The Jasmine costume is bold, sexy and feminine at the same time and it complements women with appealing body curves. The costume is rather simple, consisting of a short turquoise blouse with draped sleeves and a pair of matching transparent pants made of a soft veil. The golden details given by the small pennies attached at the base of the blouse and on the shawl that covers the pants offer the costume an oriental look.

Cute Minnie Mouse

Cartoons offer a wide range of cute Halloween costumes and when it comes to girly costumes, the Minnie Mouse look is by far the cutest choice available. The funny cartoon character is impersonated with a short red dress with white dots on it and a large black ribbon that makes it look even cuter. A pair of knee-length white socks, some white gloves and the mouse ears with a large red ribbon attached to them complete the sweet Minnie Mouse look.

We simply adore all the option presented above and we just can pick a single one as our favorite. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something else, we have a great suggestion for you: go to the site, where you will find plenty of clever ideas that will inspire your next Halloween costume.


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