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Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Posted by Tabitha York 0 Comment

So you want to color your hair blonde? How about a honey blonde hair color? This is a warm shade of blonde and is the favorite of many women. Honey blonde hair color is recommended to almost all skin tones and to maintain the color is not very difficult. This color looks good on all hair lengths but it is particularly highlighted for long hair. Whether you are looking for a glamorous day to day look or you are interested in some stylish wedding or prom hairstyles for long hair, this color is exactly what you need.

Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas PictureThis glossy shade of blonde looks great, so if you want to soften your look, opt for it. The color suits most skin tones, but before switching to honey blonde hair color, you should keep in mind some recommendations: there are different shades of honey, so picking a honey blonde shade must be according to your skin tone. We did some research on a good hair coloring website. According to the information we found on, here is how you should pick your honey blonde shade.

  • Those with cool skin tones with pink undertones and blue eyes should go for beige, buttery shades. Also, cool blondes can opt for honey by applying a golden treatment.
  • For brunettes, a good choice is to opt for toffee blonde highlights to brighten up the face.  Try not to go too light because your look can be washed out.
  • Those with warm skin tone and dark eyes, a honey blonde hair color will work great on them.

Once you achieved the color, it needs proper care of it, as will all colored hair. To prevent the color to fade, regularly use of hair care products is necessary. Shampoo for blonde hair color and color protecting conditioner will help your honey blonde hair color keep its shine and fresh look. Also, you will need to regularly upkeep your roots if you want to keep the color for longer.

These are only a few tips to maintain your honey blonde hair color. But, before trying it, always go to a colorist and ask if your preferred honey blonde is right for you. Your colorist can help you pick the perfect shade of blonde, according to your skin tone and natural hair. And it is very important not to try to do your hair at home, because it is possible no to get the best result. Also, for those with dark or brown hair, a bleaching process is necessary in order to achieve this color and this can be risky if it is not performed by a professional.

Overall, honey blonde hair color is a warm and captivating color and looks great for summer. So why not try something different and eye-catching, such as this warm and glossy shade of blonde. We guarantee that it will look good no matter your age or your skin tone. It is ideal for elegant prom hairstyles for long hair but it also works great with casual or sporty looks.


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