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Hot T-shirt print designs for the autumn

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Hot T-shirt print designs for the autumn

Both men and women are looking for fancy clothing articles, but when it comes to buying even basic articles as T-shirts, they have to spend a lot of money if they want to invest in the latest models. For example, when browsing through the printed T-shirts in the online store of a famous brand, people would notice that they are listed at very high prices, and even if they are beautiful, they just cannot afford them. However, you have the possibility to create your own fancy T-shirts, because you have the possibility to customise the clothes with the help of a professional printing company. It is advisable to collaborate with a company that offers Vancouver screen printing services, because you have to be sure that the T-shirts would look exactly as you wish. Here are some of the hottest trends when it comes to prints that are suitable for being worn in the autumn.

Printed Skulls

You might believe it or not, skulls are the latest fashion trends when it comes to printing T-shirts for both women and men. If in the past they were seen as the symbol of death, nowadays they are the key article of a trendy outfit, and they are suitable for different styles. When looking at the T-shirts promoted by famous brands, you would notice that skulls are one of the most popular themes, and you should opt for a white, grey or black T-shirt and look online for some inspirational models.

Symbolic Trees

If you are looking for a T-shirt with a symbolic print, you should consider having a T-shirt with a tree, because they are quite popular for the following season. Moreover, if you are looking at the trends promoted by the designers you would notice that trees prints grow in popularity. They stand up for green living, life, reunion, growth, and if any of these words has a deep meaning for you, you should consider having a tree model printed on one of your T-shirts. When it comes to choosing the T-shirt for printing a tree, it is easier than when printing a skull, because this time you can use any colour you want, because they look great on any of them.

Bird prints

A bird print offers you a lot of versatility, because you can find a wide number of models, from small size ones to large ones. In addition, some of the T-shirts promoted by designers are created as sketches of bird drawings, some of them are looking as a painting, and others feature birds as part of a bigger design. Therefore, you are the one who decides if the bird is the focal point of your T-shirt, or if you opt for a design that includes a bird as a small part of a bigger drawing. For a greater impact, you should choose a T-shirt in a basic colour, because the print should be the focus.

Do not forget to talk with the printing company to ask them if the model you have chosen is suitable for being used, because they are experts who would provide you a professional opinion.


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