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How to Get the Sofia Vergara Look

Posted by Hannah Burrows Comments Off on How to Get the Sofia Vergara Look

Sophia Vergara is one of those women who is meant to be in the spotlight. A lot of jealous minds have debated over the truth of the Sofia Vergara plastic rumors. However, those rumors are not our concern right now as we want to analyze her style. She is a classic Latin beauty. The great thing about her is that she is not just a pretty face and a hot body. She is charming and incredibly funny. Nevertheless, her looks inspired a lot of women. If you too want to achieve that goddess, Sofia Vergara look, you will have to follow some simple steps.

1. Master the tanned look

As a Latin, Sofia has a natural olive skin. Nevertheless, her tanned look is not all natural as she does not wake up with that lovely tanned glow on her face. She is a master of the tanned look and she knows exactly how to highlight her gorgeous olive skin. If your skin is lighter, you might want to do some tanning sessions or try some tanning products in order to get the Sofia Vergara look. You should also learn some highlight tips suited for tanned skin.

2. Highlight your eyes and your lips

The first rule of makeup is to never highlight your eyes and your lips at the same time. However, if you go for natural makeups, you can highlight both your eyes and your lips, which is exactly what Sofia’s look is based on. For starters, as part of the natural look, Sofia keeps her eyebrows thick and in a natural shape. Her eyebrows frame her brown eyes perfectly. Although, she uses fake eyelashes, the eye-makeup is never too intense because she only uses earthly shades. She is also fond of brown eyeliners which makes her eyes look naturally intense. As far as the lips go, she generally uses lip-glosses which plump her lips. She is rarely seen wearing matte lipsticks as she is well aware of the fact that plump lips are a part of her Latin charm. Being one of the most revered celebrity fashion icons, Sofia Vergara knows how to be classy and sensual at the same time, but if you want to emulate her style, keep physical limitations in mind, and don’t go overboard with elements that don’t suit you.

3. Sofia Vergara’s fashion style

At red carpet events, Sofia is always rocking a sexy cleavage. Perhaps it is these appearances which have generated the Sofia Vergara plastic surgery rumors. Although, we are uncertain whether or not Sofia’s breasts are natural, one thing is for sure: she is a master of sensual womens fashion clothing pieces. Her success is not based just on sensual outfits, but on the fact that she knows how to own an outfit. She is proud of her curvy Latino body and she highlights her curves every chance she gets. Therefore, if you want to get the Sofia Vergara look, you should throw out all of your loose clothes and only choose tight womens fashion clothing pieces which accent your natural curves. Nevertheless, keep in mind that while Sofia wears very tight outfits, she is always decent and elegant. Posture and grace are also important elements of her sensual style.


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