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How to Take Care of Expensive Clothes

Posted by Jody Griffin Comments Off on How to Take Care of Expensive Clothes

The clothes that we wear play a big role in our image, and it’s important for them to always be clean and free of wrinkles, because let’s face it, the first impression you make on someone is based on your appearance.
We all have in our closets expensive clothes that we either bought to wear when we go to work, when we go out, or when there is a special occasion, these clothes being a large investment that must be taken care of properly.

De-wrinkle with a clothes steamer

Using the iron to get rid of the wrinkles isn’t a solution with all types of clothes, those that have delicate fabrics getting damaged if the hot iron makes contact with them. Also, using the iron is very tiring and can damage your back because of the uncomfortable position that you have to sit in when you operate it.
Avoid having back pains, and protect your pretentious and expensive clothes by using a clothes steam to de-wrinkle them.
The clothes steamer doesn’t actually get in contact with the fabric, being ideal for delicate clothes, and it’s very efficient, releasing a powerful steam to get the job done. In addition, modern clothes steamers don’t only de-wrinkle, but they eliminate any unwanted odor from the clothes and kill the dust mites that might lurk on them as well. If you don’t know much about these products and you are uncertain of which one to buy, read some garment steamer reviews on

Follow the instructions

The first step to taking care of all your clothes, not only the delicate and expensive ones, it to carefully read the tag that is placed either on the neck, or on the down side seam of the clothes, and follow the instructions written on it.
It might seem like a mess of words, but you have to pay close attention to what’s written on the tag to avoid damaging your clothes irremediably, these instruction generally telling you how the clothing should be washed and dried.
For example, if on the tag there’s a big “X” over the laundry machine graphic, it means that you should avoid placing it in anything that has a spin cycle.

Remove stains immediately

As soon as something stains your clothes, don’t just take them off and leave them lying around until you wash the next batch of laundry, but rather take care of the stain immediately by applying water to it. This way, depending on what you stained it with in the first place, the stain won’t damage the fabric, and it won’t become permanent, making the clothing unwearable.
It’s a shame to throw away your favorite shirt that you spent a ton of money on because of a small stain of wine, therefore don’t forget to apply water to it immediately, and avoid ruining a piece of expensive clothing.


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