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Learning How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Regina Kendricks Comments Off on Learning How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

If you are tired of paying money on beauty salons to achieve that bright look that every girl dreams about, we recommend you to learn some beauty tricks that will help you improve your aspect from the convenience of your home. All you have to do is pay attention to the steps that you need to follow in order to learn how to apply your eyelash extensions by yourself, and we guarantee you that you will be very pleased with your celebrity-length lashes.

How to prepare for applying your eyelash extensions?

After buying the kit that you need in order to achieve your goal, you must start by preparing the tools that you will use to apply your eyelash extensions. So, make sure that you have an aluminum foil, an eyelash glue, a small pair of scissors, a cotton swab and a pair of tweezers. You also need a toothpick, because it will help you apply the glue easier.

Getting the eyelashes ready

Use the tweezers to remove the extensions from the box, and think about the length that you want them to have. Depending on your preferences, you can trim them in order to look more natural, or you can opt for something more spectacular and can keep them longer. No matter what you decide on, remember to give the eyelashes a natural aspect by curving them over your finger. That way they will blend better with your own lashes, and they will help you achieve a feline look.

Applying the eyelashes on your eyelid

You must start by pouring a small amount of glue on a small recipient, or on aluminum foil, because that will help you simplify the process considerably. Then, you must use the tweezers to pick up a lash and rub its end in glue. The next step is to get in front of the mirror, because is time to put your extensions on. In order to attach your eyelashes, you must start from the center of your eyelid and move towards the outer corner.

After choosing the place where you are going to attach the lash, you must close your eye, and use the tweezers to put the extension above your natural eyelash. So, take note that the fake lash must be placed directly on your natural eyelash, not touching your eyelid. Once the lash has been positioned, yo have to keep it in place using a cotton swab, because only that way the glue will dry faster. After making sure that the lash its well secured, repeat the same moves to attach the rest of your eyelashes, and enjoy your new fashionable look. Opting for eyelash extensions represents a huge trend these days, but the most important thing is that you won’t longer need to use lots of makeup to look fabulous.

Protect your lashes

If you use fake eyelashes on a regular basis, in time, your natural lashes will become more fragile. In order to prevent this situation, consider using an eyelash growth serum. If you do a little research on the website, you will definitely find an efficient and affordable serum. If you are consistent with the eyelash growth serum, not only will you protect your lashes from damage, but you will be able to grow longer and richer lashes. After a few months, you won’t even need to wear mascara anymore, and you can say goodbye to fake eyelashes forever.


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