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Make a fashion statement with hair accessories

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Make a fashion statement with hair accessories

The term “statement” is the most highly recognized one in the fashion industry, the idea of making a statement being attributed to style blogs. Celebrities make fashion statements every time they appear in public, sometimes without even trying to. Thanks to an entire outfit or with the help of just a single article, stars manage to grab the attention. Their photo is viewed by millions of people on the Internet and the way they look like is copied to the last detail. This is how a trend starts. But just about everyone can stand out and be a trendsetter. Whether you are dressing for yourself or for others, you too can give your outfit identity. You can make your look more stylish with hair accessories. They embellish girls of all ages and they say a lot about your personality and taste in fashion.

Looking stylish and trendy

Hair accessories give a little extra oomph to your outfit. A perfectly-placed pin or a flower dresses up any outfit and transform you into a fashionable woman. Basically you can put together the perfect outfit in a matter of seconds. You can walk out of the door with the assurance that you look great.  The good news is that embellishments are available in any colour and style you can possibly think of, so you needn’t worry that you will not find the one that reflects who you are. What is more, these accessories last for years to come, so by purchasing headbands or fancy clips you are actually making an investment for the future. Hair accessories get better with every season, so you should keep a couple of embellished options at hand.

Dressing up your locks

Hair accessories have the power to transform a plain outfit into a chic ensemble. But with what should you adorn your locks with?

Flowers. Whether natural or artificial, they will bring your spirit up, not to mention that they are perfect for places, like the beach or the office. Natural flowers make a ponytail seem fancier, but you should carefully pick them and prepare ahead. Another option you have is flower hair pins which add a touch of femininity to any outfit. Even if you are wearing a maxi dress and flip flops, you will get noticed.

Headbands. If you are the multi-tasking type, then headbands are definitely for you. They keep the locks in one place and you have a mix of fabric to play with, including satin and knit. Headbands are the easiest way to get a fresh look, so embrace the headband.

Clips. If you really wish to stand out, try clips. Fancy clips placed at the side of the head are a bold statement. Even if you have long locks, this does not mean that you are not allowed to play with one or two clips.

Play by the rules

If you do not want to look ridiculous when wearing hair accessories, you should respect the following rules:

  • Do not exaggerate with your embellishments
  • Avoid wearing powerful makeup
  • Go for small ornaments
  • Take advantage of your hair accessories

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