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Makeup tips for blue eyes

Posted by Tabitha York 0 Comment

If you want to make your blue eyes look outstanding, here are the makeup tips for blue eyes that will help you do that. This article is all about how to create the perfect makeup for your amazing blue eyes.

You will have to be very focused on all the makeup tips for blue eyes written n this article if you want to make yourself the best makeup that will make you look fabulous when you’re going out.

First you will have to decide which type of blue shape are your eyes. After that the next step you will have to do is to read the list of makeup tips for blue eyes written in this article and try to respect it. So read the next makeup tips for blue eyes for every type of shade and think which type fits you perfectly. Get ready to mix and to create a variety of looks that will highlight your blue eyes. The best type of makeup that will match you is: a natural one or a beautiful smokey eyes one.

  • If you’re having deep dark blue eyes here are the makeup tips for blue eyes that will fit you: with this type of color you can mix any type of eye shadows and darker tones too. So test everything from dark purple to light colors. Mix them to create your own personal look because everything fits you. Don’t be afraid to try every type of eye shadow because you won’t fail, I’m sure that you will look perfect because you have the type of eyes that will look great with any type of makeup.
  • If you’re having mid-level blue eyes here are the makeup tips for blue eyes that will look great on you: the palette of color that you can try to make your eyes look outstanding is made of from light eye shadows to mid-range colors. if you want to try also darker shadows you can use them in the crease area to line with it your amazing blue eyes.
  • If you’re having blue light eyes here are the makeup tips for blue eyes that will look amazing on you: if you don’t want to overpower your blue eyes avoid all the dark eye shadows as much as possible as you can. Instead of these types of colors you should use soft eye shadows. But if you insist to you use dark shades try to line your eyes with them.
  • If you’re having gray-blue eyes here are the makeup tips for blue eyes: it’s so difficult to tell because your color can change with your outfit. Sometimes your eyes can seem blue, grey or green, so the best thing you can do is to match your makeup with the colors of your outfit.

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