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Mistakes to avoid when shopping for new underwear

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Mistakes to avoid when shopping for new underwear


Unlike women, who take great pleasure in browsing shops for the cutest and most alluring underwear, men tend to be more reserved on this topic and buy new underwear only when the old one is literally on the verge of disintegration. What’s even worse, they aren’t particularly keen on spending more than $5 on a boxer set and simply buy what’s on offer. As common as these practices may be, they are not advisable and, if you don’t take shopping for new underwear seriously, you should start doing so, if not for aesthetic reasons, then at least for your own health. Here are the top mistakes men make when buying new underwear and why you should avoid them.

Settling for cheap underwear

When it comes to underwear, you get what you pay for. If a set of five boxer shorts costs $5, that’s exactly the kind of quality you’re getting. They might look good in the first few days, but they don’t pass the test of time. after a few washes, you’ll see that your boxers start to lose their color and even get holes in them, so you’ll have to go shopping all over again. To avoid this hassle, read the opinion before buying a new pair of underwear and don’t hesitate to pay more if the quality is great!

Neglecting the importance of fabric

Most men already know that wearing boxers increases sperm count, so they choose this type of underwear over briefs. But, did you know that the fabric your boxers are made of are just as important for your health? Natural fibers such as cotton are very breathable, so they provide extra comfort on hot days, while cheap, synthetic fabrics make you sweat and can cause allergies over time. So, on your next trip to the department store, take a few seconds to read the label!

Not knowing your size

Just how women tend to buy bras that don’t fit them, men get choose their underwear without knowing for sure what size they are. Wearing a size too small is obviously uncomfortable, but going a size up isn’t healthy either, because you don’t have enough support and they could show though your trousers. The ideal fit is tight, but without causing chafing. Size charts in online stores are a good starting point to determine your underwear size (which is not necessarily the same as your pants size!).

Buying underwear that doesn’t fit your lifestyle

Men’s underwear is diverse enough to please everyone, but keep in mind that it’s not all about looks. A pair of boxers may be perfect for one man but give another man nightmares because it wasn’t created for a specific lifestyle. For example, as comfy and breathable cotton boxers may be, they shouldn’t be worn by men who work out a lot, because they don’t absorb sweat and can cause irritations. If you’re the active type, then you should invest in a few pairs of modal boxers or stick to a line of underwear designed by an athleisure fashion label.


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