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No-fail color combinations: how to build fashionable outfits

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on No-fail color combinations: how to build fashionable outfits


As a woman, you know that playing with fashion, especially with color combinations can be risky but this is your mission every single day so you might as well learn more about this topic and keep yourself up to date with new trends. Indeed, matching two or more colors has the potential to make or break an outfit and you must always keep in mind this important aspect but if your most articles of clothing are black, you undoubtedly need to brighten up your look. Making errors is human and you are no exception. For this particular reason, we included in the article types of color combinations that can make anyone stand out from the crowd and prevent them from fashion failure. Thus, you do not have any excuse not to play with your creativity and start putting together beautiful pieces of clothing.

Turquoise and cobalt blue

Undoubtedly, this combination is bold and powerful. Apart from the fact that it matches the current fashion trends, it exudes refinement and distinction so you can easily wear it during a special event without having to insert a neutral color, such as cream or white. Instead, it will definitely look amazing with gold and silver accessories, which means that you have multiple choices in terms of partnership. In fact, you have as many options as your imagination allows it. Whether you choose to combine a royal blue dress with a turquoise shoe and a statement necklace or a blue suit with a turquoise coat and a pair of sunglasses, you will captivate everyone’s attention within the first second.

Orange and black

Whether you purchase a single piece like a dress that combines orange and black or you think about matching two individual items that have the same colors, you can do no wrong in both situations. Orange is a bright color that has the power to lift any monotonous black clothing and transform it into a fashionable and eye-catching outfit. Wearing an orange pant might seem and look quite daring and striking but you should not shy away from displaying your good taste and your keen eye for style. You can match it with a black top, which is a must-have item and your mission is complete or, you can opt for an oversized sweater if you are more conservative.

Blue and red

Combining red and blue represents a safe choice taking into account that everyone likes it. The reason behind this statement is quite simple and understandable. After all, this color combination allows you to blend business and party style without breaking a sweat. For instance, you can take a simple and casual pair of jeans from your closet and pair it with an office looking tailored red jacket and one of your most expensive heels. It is more than casual but less than sexy, it gives you a perfect and intriguing balance. On the other hand, if you feel bold, you can switch things up. Match a pair of red pants with a denim shirt, a thin belt around your waist a large bag, both in the color maroon.


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