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Pin-Up Fashion is Gaining More Terrain – Here’s How to Replicate It

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Pin-Up Fashion is Gaining More Terrain – Here’s How to Replicate It

Pin-up fashion is one of the sweetest, romantic and feminine styles of there and it’s making a strong comeback. While highly popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s, more young women today choose to adopt this style in their everyday outfits and give those a modern twist. If you also want to incorporate more pin-up elements into your wardrobe, keep reading below for some insightful pieces of advice.

Pin-Up Accessories Make a Great Starting Point

Vintage jewellery makes a great addition to all women’s collections. Large earrings, rings and bracelets, statement broaches and hair accessories, these are all amazing starting points to bringing some of those vintage vibes given off by pin-up fashion. Search for jewellery in both silver and gold, but make sure that the stones on those are masterfully placed and generous in numbers. Such pieces of jewellery can become a bit expensive if you opt for real gold and silver, but they will last centuries, if properly taken care of.

Other types of accessories, like gloves and vintage handbags make stunning additions to all women’s wardrobes, especially when they want to follow similar trends. Scarfs are also part of the vintage trend and they can be worn around the shoulders or as head accessories.

Belts, other accessories that can give off vintage vibes, are generally used to emphasize the waist area. The style doesn’t matter too much when it comes to belts. You can use both narrow or wide ones and successfully achieve a pin-up look.

Pin-Up Clothing Articles

Accessories are the starting point, but it’s important to invest in several clothing articles that fit in the whole landscape. You should invest in clothing articles with the following features.

  • Tight-fitting clothes. The pin-up clothing style is all about tight-fitting silhouettes. When you choose your garments, make sure that they highlight your silhouette. If you already have an hourglass figure, you can call yourself lucky. If not, try to create the illusion of one with belts. They work wonderfully at emphasizing your mid-section.
  • Another main characteristic of the pin-up clothing style is an emphasis on the cleavage area. However, balance is also preferable. Thus, avoid wearing revealing blouses with short skirts or shorts.
  • Skirts and Dresses. These are two of the main characteristics of the pin-up style. Make sure to purchase a fluffy skirt if you have narrow hips. The folds on the skirt will create the illusion of more volume in the area, a highly appreciated feature in the era.

The Colour Palette is Flexible

The colour palette is flexible enough to allow you to wear whatever colours you feel most attracted to. Black, white, pastels, these all make great choices. Also, if you want to take everything up a notch, make sure to include some prints and patterns into your clothing choices.

Pin-up styling offers plenty of flexibility in terms of accessories, colour palette and styling options. Finish off your looks with a retro hairstyle and appropriate jewellery, as well as a bold red lipstick.


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