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Step up your fashion game with ribbon accessorising

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Step up your fashion game with ribbon accessorising

If you are a fashion enthusiast, coming up with ways to make your outfits stand out is probably one of your desires. However, sometimes it can be difficult to accessorise, or give an outfit that special touch, if you do not use some unique elements. Well, something that can beautify any item of clothing you might plan on wearing is ribbon. Yes, ribbon! This decorative element can actually make a dull outfit pop, and it is also extremely easy to incorporate. Regardless if it is sating or rosette ribbons, here is how you can step up your fashion game with ribbon accessorising:

Colourful waistband

Adding a waistband to an oversized, flowy dress is a great way of making your outfit seem more aesthetically appealing. If you go with several slim straps of ribbon, in different colours, instead of the traditional leather waistband, the results will be spectacular ones. You can match the pieces of ribbon with your shoes, and your overall outfit will scream fashion goddess. Give it a try, and you will most definitely love the results.

Ribbon collar

What could be more feminine, chic and fashionable than a cute collar on a cute dress? You can give any dull and simple dress you might have in your closet that instant touch of glam by using a grosgrain ribbon strap. Tie it around the neckline of the dress, creating a small or large bow, depending on your preferences, and you will be created a fun and appealing effect.

Ribbon skirt

If you want to use your DIY skills to the fullest, you can create an entire clothing item out of ribbon, and more exactly a skirt. Use the ribbons of your choice, selecting the length you desire, and sew tem onto an elastic band. You can wear the skirt above a pair of shorts, with a basic white t-shirt.

Use ribbon as a handbag handle

How can you make a handbag match perfectly with your outfit? Easy, you just replace tis handle with a piece of ribbon in a colour tone or a pattern that goes perfectly with your clothes. Let’s say you are wearing a red midi skirt and a white blouse. You can use a polka dot strap of ribbon as your handbag handle, and the effect created will certainly be an attention grabbing one. If you use your imagination, and have enough ribbons to choose from, you can have a differently-looking handbag everyday, without actually buying a new one – this fashion trick is lovely and affordable.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways in which you can use ribbon as a clothing accessory. Being fun, versatile, and offering quite an appealing effect, ribbon can be incorporated in a wide range of outfits, and trying some of these ideas is recommended. Of course, in order for the above mentioned tips to actually bring beautiful results, you will have to use ribbon of high quality, but you can easily come across amazing purchase opportunities just by searching on the internet.


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