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Steps to find the perfect wedding hair accessory

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Steps to find the perfect wedding hair accessory

Have you found the wedding dress of your dreams? Well, then you might be looking for the perfect hair accessory because this little detail can change the way your wedding attire would look. Different brides have different preferences when it comes to hair accessories, and if some women think that the veil is the right one to wear on your wedding day, others prefer to try something different. Nowadays more and more brides prefer to wear something simply, as a hair bow grosgrain ribbon, because they opt for embellished gowns, and they have to keep it low with the hair accessories. If you are not decided, what type of accessory is the right one for you, you should follow the next steps and you will find the process easier.

Choose your hairstyle in advance

It is advisable to decide upon the hairstyle first, and later choose the hair accessory, because it is important to feel comfortable on your wedding day. You will have to talk with your hairstylist and know from the beginning if you want to keep your locks down or you want to pull the hair up. For example, if you want to go for a bun, you will have to know if you want to have a ballerina one, or you want to opt for one swept to the side. In case you want to have a ballerina bun, you can accessorise it with a ribbon bow, because it will give you a girly look. In case you have long thick hair, then you have the possibility to go for bigger hair accessories, because you have to make sure that everyone would notice them.

Try different hair accessories

When you went to try different dresses, you have checked every potential one from different angles, because you wanted to make sure that you buy the perfect one. Therefore, you should do the same when it comes to the hair accessory, because even if it is a small one, as a ribbon bow, you have to make sure that it looks amazing. When you try different headpieces you should get a 360 degrees view, and to ask the friend who accompanies you, to take you multiple pictures to check them later. You should not feel silly doing it, because you want to look amazing on your wedding day, and in this way you will have the possibility to check them thoroughly at home, and decide which one of them suits your wedding attire. The shape of the accessory will influence how you will look from a distance, so you should get a few steps away from the mirror and see if you like what you see.

The colour of the accessory is important

When you choose a hair accessory for your wedding day, you have to make sure that the headpiece will complement the model and colour of the dress. Therefore, if you have purchased a dressed with a beadwork in silver, you can opt for a headband in the same colour because if you opt for a white one it would look too bright.


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