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These Brands Are Only For High Net Worth Consumer   

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on These Brands Are Only For High Net Worth Consumer   


When it comes to dressing up fashionably, there is only one solution: seeking inspiration in the biggest fashion brands existing in the world today because they never fail to impress. Each collection includes original and high-end pieces for accentuating the beauty and embracing the figure of every woman. The average person is happy to watch the models on the runway and follow the hints while the high net worth consumer beneficiates from the necessary capital for purchasing and actually wearing some of these eye-catching creations.


Headquartered in London, this luxury fashion house distributes fragrances, cosmetics, fashion accessories and ready-to-wear apparel bring most famous for its trench coats. Since the first shop located in the Haymarket opened its doors to customers 1981, the brand started to enjoy unmatched success, the proof lies in its strong presence on the market today. Even before this accomplishment, the brand managed to create a special fabric, waterproof and breathable giving high net worth consumers superior quality for great amounts of money. Whether we are talking about fashion pieces for children, men or women, Burberry has it all.

Christian Dior

Nobody can deny the fact that Dior represents a worldwide famous fashion brand with products sold for staggering prices. Despite of its targeted customer audience, the profit did not delay to appear, which resulted in the major decision of the renowned designer to open a fashion house in every corner of the world. Founded in 1946, Christian Dior became a staple in the fashion industry offering unique and original designs for wealthy individuals everywhere. He designed fashion pieces that had the purpose to give women a curvaceous form.

Florian Helier

High net worth individuals who prefer mysterious and fresh brands direct their attention towards Florian Helier because it offers limited edition pieces that you can wear casually at the office or when attending a glamorous and important event. The brand uses superior materials for obtaining minimalist yet remarkable products. Florian Helier knows how to balance the materials and colors excellently for a unique result. Whether you visit his global shops or visit, his official website, you have the possibility to explore all the fashion elements available and purchase one for your tastes.


Established in 1913 by Mario Prada, this luxury fashion house provides various fashion elements, from ready-to-wear and shoes to leather handbags, perfumes and fashion accessories. Focusing on leather products in the beginning, the now famous Italian brand divided its attention towards different pieces that have the power to flatter the buyer. Global shoppers still choose to invest their money in products created by this extremely expensive brand. A specific fashion piece estimated at $10.000, namely the Ostrich leather bag makes Prada one of the most valuable global brands.


This Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1905 started in England but moved after several years in Geneva, Switzerland. This brand is so powerful and successful that it produces approximately 2.000 watches daily for its high net worth consumers. Moreover, the brand designs, manufactures and distributes the products by itself. One of their most costly pieces exceeds $50.000 easily.


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