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Veronica M – The Best Choice for a Bohemian Fall

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Veronica M – The Best Choice for a Bohemian Fall

The bohemian style is mostly associated with summer. The floral prints, the wavy dresses and the overall nomad look is perfect for the summer holidays. However, there is no need to despair if you are in love with this style as there are a lot of ways to make it work even during the colder seasons. If this idea appeals to you, we invite you to take a look at some of the best bohemian fall pieces from Veronica M. After all, this brand is the pure definition of free-spirited fashion.

1. Long sleeve maxi dresses

We all love maxi dresses. They are easy to wear, they flatter the silhouette and they are beyond comfortable. If the summer maxi dresses are characterized by short sleeves and flower power prints, the dresses that Veronica M proposes for fall feature long sleeves and darker floral prints. The dresses can be worn with ankle boots and different types of layers like vests, jackets, scarves and so on. We particularly love the model presented in the above picture, as the subtle slit allows you to still show off some of your summer tan. 

2. Elegant jumpsuits

Although you will have to let go of your summer rompers, you can still enjoy the comfort of a full body clothing piece with the help of a classy jumpsuit. The particular jumpsuit presented in the picture above is one of the most versatile clothing pieces. With a sparkling necklace and a pair of high heels it can turn into an elegant outfit, perfect for a cocktail party. However, if you wear it with some gypsy gold accessories, a felt floppy hat and maybe a fur vest, it can turn into a perfect bohemian fall outfit.

3. Off-shoulder tops

Long sleeve off-shoulder tops are perfect for the beginning of fall. You can choose a floral top or you can go with a plain black top that you can wear with basically everything. Wear it with a pencil skirt for a glamorous look or with some floral pants for a relaxed and casual look.

These are but a few of the many stunning pieces that Veronica M proposes for this fall. As you can see, there is no reason to suppress your free bohemian spirit during the colder seasons, as there are plenty of alternatives to rock this style during any time of the year. Moreover, if you can master the art of layering, you don’t need to invest in new fall pieces, as you can simply reinvent some of your summer wardrobe.


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