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Vintage Clothing Information

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We have gathered over the years a lot of vintage clothing information which we want to share with you.If you did not know by now vintage clothes are clothes which have been worn before. They are actually items of clothing which are second hand  but they are called vintage because it sound better. Over the last couple of years vintage clothing have gained a lot of popularity among celebrities which has lead to the appearance of high class vintage stores.

About the vintage trend

This trend for old clothes  has emerged in the 90s when a lot of celebrities such as Julia Roberts made their appearance on the red carpet with this type of clothing, all the dresses were from Dior or Chanel but they were from previous collections. It also gained a lot of popularity because it is environmental friendly which has become a trend in Hollywood. The designers have caught on with this trend and have started they own line of vintage clothing, weather there are used and repaired or just parts of them used in new clothing.

Tips for buying vintage clothes

  • When you want to buy vintage clothing  you must look and see if the zipper can be closed, if the buttons are in place and if there are any stains or unusual smells. If there are and you still want to buy them you can go to the dry cleaners and they will fix them in no time.
  • Make sure that they fit you because in some fashion trends women used different items ti enhance some parts of their body. Take a look and see if they can be modified.

How to care for vintage clothing

When it comes to vintage clothing you should know that they should be treated with great care because they are old. If you have items which are made out of velvet or silk you must clean them with extra care. When you wash them you should use a gentle detergent and not the regular one you use because this one has a lot of chemicals in it which can damage the fabrics. Never put them in a dryer, leave them in the air to dry.

A great way to care for vintage clothes is to steam them. As opposed to the iron, the garment steamer doesn’t just flatten the wrinkles, but it actually relaxes the fabric fibers, making old clothes as good as new. Garment steamers can be used on most fabrics, even on silk. If you want to learn more about steamers, visit

The place where you can get vintage clothes is the second hand store.  You can also find great pieces of clothing in flea markets, if you have on around. If you want luxurious vintage clothing go to auctions or estate sales, they have what you want.

These are the basic things that you should know about vintage clothing information if you are a fan.


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