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Wearing Indian clothes – small list of dos and don’ts

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on Wearing Indian clothes – small list of dos and don’ts


If you plan to travel to India, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. First of all, you cannot miss their amazing dishes. There are many types of meals that you should try, but only if you like spices. Despite that, India is famous for its traditions and culture. In order to discover as many as possible, you have to become part of the Indian world. Does it seem like a challenge? Yes, it is. But, here is a great tip that you should take into consideration: try to wear Indian clothes.

For example, there are many women who say that they fell in love with Sarees, some of the most popular ethnic Indian clothes. But, in order to make sure that you wear them properly, here are some useful pieces of advice. In fact, you can call it a small guide of Dos and Don’ts for those women, who want to wear Indian clothes.

The list of Dos

Order your Indian clothes from online stores. There are many people who enjoy wearing Indian clothes, but who prefer buying them from India. Well, sometimes, they can pay more because the sellers know for sure that tourists adore their clothes. But, if you decide to place an order online, you can benefit from promotions. For example, a good recommendation is It is a reputable store which provides a wide variety of clothes such as suits, ghagras, sherwanis, kurta payjama, saree and more. Choose those that suit you best and pay attention to colors and sizes!

Wear traditional clothes when you attend special events like ceremonies, traditional weddings, formal parties or more. You will see that the locals will appreciate your outfit and they will try to talk to you more. The elderly people from India say that wearing such clothes is a symbol of respect. But, be careful because, sometimes, one of the most common mistakes is matching the clothes with the wrong type of shoes.

Another great tip is that you should cover your legs. Indian people prefer this style because of religious reasons. You can try to learn more about this habit by doing a small research. You can find some valuable information on the Internet.

The list of Don’ts

Do not try to design the clothes by your own, if you do not have the necessary skills! But, if you insist and you consider yourself a creative person, you should try to study the Indian culture in order to the wisest decisions. A good tip is to pay attention to fabrics. Sometimes, ordering the fabrics can make you pay more.

Do not rush yourself, when you do the shopping! If you are a chubby person, try to go for georgette or chiffon because they will help you look slimmer. Also, designers recommend choosing dark colors such as black or dark grey. If you are slimmer, you can add some volume by using cotton for your clothes.

Do not exaggerate! There are people who have the tendency to wear too many accessories when they choose an Indian outfit. It is true that Indian women love bracelets, rings and necklaces, but sometimes it is better to keep it simple.



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