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What it really takes to become a makeup artist        

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on What it really takes to become a makeup artist        

Generally speaking girls spend a lot of their time taking care of the way that they look and you can see them at virtually any hour of the day with the mirror in their hands. When you see a woman putting on foundation or applying lipstick, you may be tempted to think that it easy to do the job of a makeup artist, but it’s not. Later on, these girls dream of becoming a professional Ottawa makeup artist and would just love to be able to prepare models for photo shoots. There are however a few considerations that every girl or boy should keep in mind before going at the decision of becoming a beauty expert and mastering the brush and eyeliner.

Buy magazines

This is slightly an informal way of getting to know the industry and to find out what are the latest trends in fashion. Magazines abound in pictures of models, makeup tips and a huge variety of looks from which the future MUA can get inspiration. From reading fashion magazines you can acquire important knowledge such as determining the difference between day and night looks and also to fully grasp the meaning of the role of a beauty expert. For instance, at a photo shoot the beauty experts collaborates with the photographer and makes sure to respect his vision while using the appropriate style.

Go to school

Given the fact that in the beauty industry many refuse to hire you if you do not possess a diploma, it is essential to go to beauty school and get accredited by an academic institution. This is also the very first step for those who are really determined to make a career out of their makeup skills. While you may have the necessary intuition on how to match colors and how to hide imperfections, going to school will teach you many more techniques and it is the only way to develop the competences that you have, instead of wasting them on imitation. In addition to this, only a beauty school is capable of offering insight and orientation as to what concerns fashion, movies and stage, not to mention the valuable experience of the people that work in the trade. So put together your CV and go for it.

Practice makes perfect    

In spite of all your diplomas, no one will hire you unless you can prove some ability in the mastering of the cosmetics. You can try experimenting looks and techniques on your friends because it is not the same thing as practicing on yourself. One idea is to go seek a job at a makeup counter that can be placed in a beauty shop or in a mall. This way you will be able to learn how to apply cosmetics on different face shapes and colors, as well as playing with brands and seeing with which one you feel more comfortable with.

To conclude, getting in the business certainly takes a considerable effort in the course of the preparation, but unless you have talent don’t even think about it because the industry is demanding and if you fail to do your job, nobody will work with you again. Just dare and become a respected pro like Ottawa makeup artist.


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