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What you should take into account when taking care of your accessories

Posted by Tabitha York Comments Off on What you should take into account when taking care of your accessories


You have a lot of accessories and you have no idea how you should handle each and every one of them? Don’t worry – there are methods for every individual piece of accessory you own in order to prevent fast deterioration. Scratches, stains, tearing or breaking are all things you should see as left in the past. Here are some tips you might want to consider:


The most prone items to degradation are glasses of all kinds. Although you may wear your glasses almost at all times during a day, that one moment when you place them on the table with the lens faced down you are exposing them to great damage. There are two choices you can make: either you invest into a new leather glasses case, either you prepare to invest in a brand new pair of glasses. Protecting the lens for a better vision is all that matters when it comes to glasses. If you are not going to keep your glasses in a safe place, your lens will get all scratched and blurry and your item will become impossible to wear.  


Most watches are water resistant so cleaning them should not be such a big burden. Soaking it in a bit of soapy water every now and then will keep dirt and bacteria away from your item. In case it is not water resistant, a cloth with some special cleaning solution will do the job. Watches should be kept far away from magnets, because its time telling function will become really unresponsive due to the attraction of it. Scratches are a problem for watches too so make sure you protect the crystal from any kind of impact. Use the watch’s original box to store it when you need to transport it or simply keep it away from dust.


A special box for jewellery is highly recommended especially if you own precious items you wouldn’t want to degrade in time. Make sure you sort all the pieces of jewellery you have accordingly to their material and storage conditions. Dust can be really harmful for some items so cleaning the box and each jewellery piece from time to time is strictly required. Ammonia, vinegar and toothpaste are great home solutions for cleaning your items without doing any harm. They will get back their shine and luxurious appearance in no time. Make sure you follow the manual of each item before taking any measures.






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